23 Best Free SEO Tools (2022): Drive Traffic & Improve Ranking

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a challenging task that cannot get finished without the right tools. Unfortunately, some of us think that paid version can only do an excellent job, but in today’s digital world, even the best free SEO tools can do magic.

Generally, it is essential to have an SEO strategy besides the content strategy for best results when creating any online content. Besides, SEO tools make it more straightforward, ensuring our websites optimize their performance.

Plus, they also help monitor and manage someone’s search engine rankings. However, with countless SEO tools out in the market, It would help if you choose the best ones.¬† We have deep-researched and have developed the below functional and practical best free SEO tools that will meet your needs and expectations in your upcoming or existing website.

– Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an essential tool for making your SEO performance more active. This tool is made to aid someone wins the SEO game overall. Remember, the critical part of SEO success is knowing what you are doing, typically adjusting the strategy and competitors’ actions to take advantage of market holes.

Uber Suggest

Besides, it would help if you only typed keywords or domains into your search bar to get started with this tool. And from here, you will gain immediate access to a report for the selected keyword or domain. This is one of the best free SEO tools. Try Ubersuggest.

Google Keyword Planner

This is among the most used and helpful SEO-free tools. The tool helps someone get related keywords to have a direct target. Generally, there are various filters in it which are meant to aid you have customized results. And with an appropriate keyword planner, someone doesn’t need to buy the premium tools for your keyword research.

Google Analytics

I would recommend you start with this specific tool because it works magic. The great news about this tool is that it gives someone all-important and actionable data regarding their site traffic, visitors, etc. Besides, no other perfect data source offers detailed and high-quality information like Google Analytics.

Detailed .com

This tool offers someone with a curated list of popular sites in the industry, and that way, someone can typically size up the most significant competitors. Further, Detailed can show the user who has recently tweeted or linked about your competition.


MozBar is great to aid the user in discovering appropriate stuff right at a glance. In essence, the Mozbar button is right up on the browser toolbar where all other actions take place.


The page element is meant to display bolts and nuts on your SEO page. Besides, this best free SEO tool comes with three primary categories of data Link data, page elements, and page attributes. The page attributes show the onsite optimization features like robots, load time, rel canonical.

Plus, you will also come across more helpful information at a glance and different tags such as H1s, title, and description. The link data tab got the ranking factor and more accessible information on the site’s links.


Do you want to grow your traffic? Then this is the right tool to use. ClickFlow shows the user the old pages on his site, which are no longer doing well. Besides, many marketers default in building new backlinks, creating new content, etc.

First, connect the content decay tool right on your Google search console to use this tool. From there, you will see the sites required to get boosted and update the post to win back the lost traffic eventually. And the outdated post is such a great candidate for any content refresh process.

Bing Webmasters tools

This tool comes with a full suite of helpful analytics to aid someone analyzes his website and searching the analytics. Further, the device can also offer you to use keyword research, crawl your website, identify upcoming issues, do reporting, etc. In addition, it is an excellent way for the user to get a virtual second. Still, beneficial opinion on his site or preferably find new information that other tools may not have revealed.

SEOWorkers Analysis tool

Another beneficial tool allows the user to plug in his website URL and generate the report. The great news about using this tool is that it delivers a detailed and quick report. Also, it saves a lot of time in the analysis and proves your data’s background information.

The other feature that this tool offers is helpful icons to typically show if you are performing well overall or should put some effort. In addition, this tool’s keyword analysis is detailed and displays head terms and four-word key phrases.

Neil Patel SEO best Analyzer

This tool is used to separate a tool, and it handy tool and free. Best free SEO tools

Besides, the visual layout is intuitive and clean, offering various essential information comprising estimated traffic score, backlinks, and SEO score. According to users who have already used this tool, they claim that it’s a helpful perspective on someone’s site and competitors.

Yoast SEO Plugin

This SEO tool makes it simple for someone to optimize the WordPress site and identify gaps in the content. Further, it allows the user to modify and improve the content in three simple ways, readability, SEO, and social. With Yoast SEO Plugin, someone can set the best titles, meta descriptions, label index, canonical URL, and another corresponding backend setting in the site.


Semrush, in simple terms, is got the free version (14-day free trial) and helps build the site. It can also offer help for keyword research, content optimizations, on-page audits, rank tracking, and many more.

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In addition, this tool provides someone with an in-depth appearance on the backlink profile. The tool also helps identify zones to improve someone’s link-building effort.

Answer the public

This tool leverages all Google suggests to eventually develop detailed answers to people’s questions related to keywords or industry. And identical to Ubersuggest, this tool also shows someone preposition and comparison-related keywords.

Best Free SEO Tools


We loved most about it because it presented information in the most interesting visual format. Also, it is perfect for content ideation.

Pagespeed Insights

When it comes to Websites’ best performance, speed is everything, which means how the faster the site loads, the big chances for someone to rank, most probably when it comes to Google’s mobile index. Besides, the page speed tool tells the user all they need to load rapidly on different devices to fix his site. You will love how this tool is easy to use, free, and offer the must-have the necessary information to aid you to speed up the site load duration.


Another neat little SEO tool that finds you helpful questions audiences want to get their answers based on specific sites you may be wanting information from. It’s free and helps you address your audiences anytime and anywhere. For example, when you type marking, it will display category-based top questions asked on Quora.


Many of us may have heard about this SEO tool or even used it currently, as it is excellent. Generally, this tool offers someone a technical overview of his page SEO and even his content. The tool can also provide free SEO website recommendations and audit tasks to complete to enhance your site’s SEO eventually. Overall, this tool aims to break down different things such as page speed and show you the best process to load your website for mobile devices and desktops.

Google Trends

This tool analyzes the reputation of search terms right in Google. Also, helpful for aiding markets understand how their content topics are trending.


This is a review and SEO checker tool which analyses off-page and on-page to rank better on search eventually.


This automated and open-source tool improves quality, performance, and correctness.


These SEO tools tend to take the URL and show the entire path of meta-freshes and redirects, leading to a better final destination.


The tools are meant to perform a beneficial and complete SEO audit of any site within someone’s browser. In this case, this tool allows someone to examine external and internal links to the keyword data and website itself.

Animalz revive

This tool is excellent for updating and improving your old content.


Essentially, this tool tends to crawl someone’s entire website allowing you to know more about the best search engine optimization in issues such as blocked pages, technical SEO issues, slow loading pages, Sitemap issues, and many more.


Another excellent tool allows users to check SERPs across various devices and locations.

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Best Free SEO tools

What are the top tools I require for my SEO?

Generally, it would help if you have a keyword research tool similar to the above to track your performance efforts perfectly.

What is the top free SEO tool?

This depends on someone’s preference. For example, if your concern is about competitive research, keyword research, or backlinks, Ubrsuggest is the best free SEO tool.


While SEO is the primary part of the content process, it operates best when combined with other related marketing strategies such as social media marketing and content. And you can only get better at your optimizations by using both the best free SEO tools and social monitoring software. Overall, these tools are meant to help someone build the foundation of his strategies.

We have made everything easier for you because we have provided you with a comprehensive list of the best free SEO tools that will benefit you and not require any coin, totally free. Try one or two of the above tools today and notice the difference in your website performance.

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